Hanne Darboven- Opus 17a

by twylodge



 This monumental piece consists of 1008 pages of uniform size divided into 4 Opus’s (Opus 17a and b and Opus 18a and b). Each Opus is comprised of 36 poems, and each poem is made of 6 pages plus a title page on which an antiquarian greeting card celebrating a Christian confirmation has been collaged. The poems reveal a rhythmic movement in their increasing and decreasing rows of numbers, and the checksum values are represented in digits and line-notations (17a, 18a) or by digits entered into a grid (17b, 18b). This work adopts musical methods of movement and repetitive rhythms and was conceived against the backdrop of musical compositions by the artist. Darboven briefly pursued a career as a pianist and evidence of her interest in music can be found in the form and structure of many of her works which have musical connotations.  61 minutes

Opus 17A